Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Biggest Market Yet:

This market was FANTASTIC!! Over 50 stalls, music, food, handmade goods, pretty good weather and I was nearly left with no earrings and necklaces.
My friend/colleague Susie had these gorgeous little reindeer made from corks, they SOLD OUT in 20mins, I was minding her stall as Susie is the Director of the Monthly Library Markets and its a full-on day for her.

I managed to have a 20min run around to look at all the fabulous goods and grab some lunch and say Hi to some familiar faces.

before the market:

On the market day:

Bow-tie brooch Rowan brought from me!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Only 7 Sleeps:

It's not long at all until the December Library Market.
I kind of wish I had a little more time, there are so many things I want to create.
Here are some things I was working on this afternoon:
Brooch $10

I'm putting together 9 different swing tags which you can use for Christmas presents, your birthday gifts or labeling jars.

Girl in the woods Earrings $10

I know there will be stacks of cards around at the market but not many that are graphic designed so here is just two I have created!!

...and this is the state of my design room after having a fun session of creating...we have a house inspection this week so need to get tidy! ahhh

Sunday, November 20, 2011

December Market:

Here is a small peak at something new for my range which will be at the December market coming up, only 3 weekends away! (Sunday December 11th)
This will be a great market to stock up on the Christmas presents. All locally produced and handmade items. The Library Market is growing bigger & bigger every time.
Due to whats going on near 'Garden Square' stalls will be open until 4pm (extended Christmas shopping, haha). #1 Bay road will be having their grand opening at 2pm and then Christmas Carols in the evening around 7pm (I think!), lets hope the weather is kind to us for the busy fun day!!
Hope to see you all there!
owl brooch $10

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

pink skirt

This is a pink skirt I made for a new collection I am working on. I will show you pictures from the photo shoot soon, I need to run off to the gym now to get fit for summertime!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6th library market:

Today was great! Lovely weather (bit windy this morning) Thank goodness I chose to be inside, didn't have to chase down my products this time. Every one is getting ready for the Christmas season...I had better prepare for the December 11th Market now...the Library Market is growing bigger every time.
There was beautiful jazz music playing out side, such quality in every stall, lovely people and yummy locally produced food.

Here's a look at my stall and some of the pieces I was selling:
Hand picked flowers from the garden
Rings / $10each

Earrings / girl bear in forest: $10
Earrings / 10yr old deer $10: SOLD
Necklaces / (left) Bandit $12 SOLD, (right) floral oval $12 SOLD
Necklace / floral vs lines $15
Ring / floral triangle $10
Earrings / between $5 - $10
come smell the roses next time....DECEMBER 11th do some Christmas shopping at Jenna-Alyce!!

here are two of my quick purchases today :
cute dog brooch from Scooby Lou
Vintage Book note book Teresa Quatermine

outfit today:

Rymill Winery Market Day:

It was a lovely day, beautiful music and... lots of wind! For most of the morning I was chasing my products and holding them down, so they wouldn't get damaged. It eventually became this glorious day and I was able to make some customers very happy with lovely quirky jewellery!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

the yellow dress #2

Jessica Elise borrowed my special yellow dress the other night for her school art exhibition (which was lovely). There are so many young talented students here!

Monday, October 31, 2011

dress ups / batgirl

We get up to lots of fun at the library, part of that is dressing up for kids activities.
I whipped together this Batgirl costume in a few hours. The school holiday activity was to make a superhero mask! Fun!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Fete this Sunday:

Im at another local market this Sunday. This time it is located in Coonawarra at the Rymill Winery Estate.
Here is some of the items that will be at my market stall: